porsche_911-nsx_type_s_zero.mpg 【タイトル】porsche_911-nsx_type_s_zero.mpg
【説明】http://www.nsxprime.com/Gallery/multimedia/nsx_type_r-nsx_ty pe_s.mpg Porsche 911 vs Honda NSX Type S-Zero http://www.nsxprime.com/Gallery/multimedia/porsche_911-nsx_t ype_s_zero.mpg A battle at Tsukuba with an NSX, RX-7, MR2, R33 GTR Skyline, Porsche 911, NSX-T and a Supra. 53mb.
amateur_rs4_vs_911_turbo_circuit.wmv 【タイトル】amateur_rs4_vs_911_turbo_circuit.wmv
【説明】amateur_rs4_trio_aut.. 24-Nov-2003 11:05 2.1M amateur_rs4_vs_911_t.. 24-Nov-2003 11:09 2.5M amateur_rs4_vs_f360_.. 24-Nov-2003 11:18 7.0M


911T 911tについて




Lightweight and made for fun—Porsche brings out the 911T for us purists  Ars Technica

It's OK to be a little confused by the dizzying array of Porsches to wear the 911 badge. The rear-engined sports car first appeared in 1963 and has been in ...

Porsche's reborn 911 Carrera T is a modern classic  Driving

When it comes to the Porsche 911T — both the classic 1968 model, and its modern-day successor — less is more.

REVIEW: Porsche 911T provides speed you need  North Shore News

According to West Vancouver Police, vehicle impounds for speeding have approximately doubled this year. Of particular note is the rash of impounds that ...

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