porsche_911-nsx_type_s_zero.mpg 【タイトル】porsche_911-nsx_type_s_zero.mpg
【説明】http://www.nsxprime.com/Gallery/multimedia/nsx_type_r-nsx_ty pe_s.mpg Porsche 911 vs Honda NSX Type S-Zero http://www.nsxprime.com/Gallery/multimedia/porsche_911-nsx_t ype_s_zero.mpg A battle at Tsukuba with an NSX, RX-7, MR2, R33 GTR Skyline, Porsche 911, NSX-T and a Supra. 53mb.
amateur_rs4_vs_911_turbo_circuit.wmv 【タイトル】amateur_rs4_vs_911_turbo_circuit.wmv
【説明】amateur_rs4_trio_aut.. 24-Nov-2003 11:05 2.1M amateur_rs4_vs_911_t.. 24-Nov-2003 11:09 2.5M amateur_rs4_vs_f360_.. 24-Nov-2003 11:18 7.0M


911T 911tについて




The Last Cheap Porsche 911  Jalopnik

Early on a Sunday morning in the canyons above Los Angeles, the parking lot of Newcomb's Ranch looks like a race track. A who's-who of high-end hardware at ...

Porsche's reborn 911 Carrera T is a modern classic  Driving

When it comes to the Porsche 911T — both the classic 1968 model, and its modern-day successor — less is more.

Lightweight and made for fun—Porsche brings out the 911T for us purists  Ars Technica

It's OK to be a little confused by the dizzying array of Porsches to wear the 911 badge. The rear-engined sports car first appeared in 1963 and has been in ...

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