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SCO0059 - EyeTV for DTT and EyeTV 2 software… 【タイトル】SCO0059 - EyeTV for DTT and EyeTV 2 software…
【説明】then Elgato Systems have kindly set up a time limited special offer for ScreenCastsOnline viewers with 30 euros off the regular price (Special Price of 49.95€). To take advantage of this offer, youll see an entry in the list of shows called "SCO0059 - Competition Details" This is a single page PDF with details of a code word and a special email address. Just click the "GET" button to download the file and once downloaded, just open it in iTunes to read the details. Just send me an email to the address in the PDF with the codeword by August 18th 2006 and youll be entered into a draw for the eyetv for DTT plus the eyetv 2 software. Special Offer for Existing Elgato Customers If youre an existing customer and havent yet upgraded to EyeTV 2 software, go to this special web page, Im releasing it in high resolution (960x600) to the free feed but Extra! members will still have access to the extreme high resolution version of 1280x800. Competition Details To enter the competition for the EyeTV for DTT all you have to do is subscribe to the free version of the ScreenCastsOnline weekly show in iTunes if youre not already subscribes (Extra! members dont need to follow this step!). If youre not already subscribed, Want to watch and record TV on your mac? Want to use a "Front Row" intergrated interface to access your TV guide and recordings? Want to use your Apple remote to control Live TV and recordings? Want to edit your TV recordings to remove ad breaks? Want to make DVDs and VideoCDs of your TV recordings? Want to convert and copy your TV programs to your iPod automatically? This screencast shows you how to do all this by utilising the amazing new EyeTV 2 software from Elgato Systems In the show I also demostrate the new eyetv for DTT device just launched by Elgato in Europe. Its basically a Freeview tuner thats the size of a memory stick and plugs straight into your USB2.0 port, turning your mac into a powerful PVR. Even better is that were giving one away as a competition prize (kindly donated by Elgato Systems) No Extra! section this week as the show is sponsored by Elgato Systems. As its a sponsored show, just click on this link for a 1-click subscription to itunes. This means youll get each weekly ScreenCastsOnline video tutorial absolutely free each week via iTunes. Once youre subscribed
MyMac.com: publishing since 1995 【タイトル】MyMac.com: publishing since 1995
【説明】my mac, Kerryrocks, tv bad links good, 0, can of mace. Id say its more hazing than training but Im not out there doing it. For the sake of my friends in service I hope This doesnt catch on. The majority of the time I watched Kerryrocks I, MyMac.com: publishing since 1995, mymac

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ON TIME TV for Mac IM-1ST002U/W 「You」や「I」が入った曲と言えば?

タイトルや歌詞に「You」や「I」が入った曲でお好きなものがあれば教えてください。 (新旧、洋邦、ジャンル、一切問いません) 私は、こんなのが好きです。 Glenn Frey - You Belong To The City - htt...


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